Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presenting a pastoral scene on Lake McDonald viewing towards Apgar. WE just re-defined Idyllic, right? Guess who is in the Kayak and you win. do a doubl clike on the image for un upsize version.


A special woman in a special place

DeAnn Thomas near Logan Pass in Glacier NP July 09

What fascinating cloud patterns on top of the Backbone of AmericaAt Logan Pass in Glacier NP
a dollar to anyone who can name the clouds...cumulus/sirrus/thundercloudus...
This was a gift that lasted no more than 20 seconds.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Father's day dinner at Friends

Here's a picture of friends at "Korean" Fathers day. In Korea they honor the Father and Mother on same day. They call it Parents day. From L to R: Seung, "Suki" -Father of Myong, Won- Mother of Myong and Myong- the great cook at her house. I really like Her Korean foods, especially her brownrice, the sum, lettuce wrap and a little kimshee. Seung says he thinks I am part Korean. Seung is learning how to be the bar-b-que chef with a little help from his friend

Nathan with his new joggin friend

Huly 4 visit to Grandma and Granpa's house...Nathan picked up "Frankllin" to show off his shell design. The procedure scared the pee out of Franklin. Consequently, the funny look on Nathan's face
both Franklin and Nathan got over it

Quin, Cannon (Sam) with Frankllin

When the Thomas boys returned from Middle Foys lake-fishing trip they found Frankklin the turtle on the road by our house. They brought him home and fed him some lettuce...then they took him all the way back to the pond in a box. Franklin thought" oh good grief I have to start the long trip all over again....I think I will wait till those boys return home so they don't find me and I won't have to shuffle all the way back again"

DeAnn Thomas-Mother, Wife,Counselor, Grandmother, Friend

Here's a great shsot of DeAnn on the Oregon Coast. She's wonderful